The Monster 5 for Friday–Careers Edition–June 3

It's time for our quick look back at the week in career advice — five job-related (and job-search-related) that we want to highlight:

5. Today's unemployment report from the U.S. Department of Labor may have been less than ideal, but Monster research has uncovered many cities where the picture is a lot rosier. Is your city one of them? Read's "Top 10 Cities in the U.S. to Find a Job."

4. So, those are the cities that seem to be in good shape — but which professions have long-term potential? For some ideas, check out "In the Year 2016: The 30 Fastest-Growing Jobs."

3. Knowing where to look for work is important, but once you've located the job you want, you're going to need interview skills. For tips, read Yahoo! Shine's "5 Toughest Interview Questions (& How to Answer Them)."

2. Once you land that great job and have had it for a while, how can you tell whether your career still has forward momentum — and what do you do if it needs a jump-start? For tips, read "11 Warning Signs Your Career Has Stalled."

1. Now, before you get set to enjoy a nice summer weekend, read the great advice in this U.S. News article: "9 Ways to Use Summer to Your Career Advantage."

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  • Brian Cormack Carr

    Nice digest of useful information, thanks for this…

  • It Jobs

    I still think the fastest growing job sector will continue to be IT through to 2016 and even further.