The Monster 5 for Friday — Careers Edition — September 23

On Fridays, we take a look back at the week that was, and show you five of our favorite career-advice articles — tips and news you may have missed during your busy week.

5. Early this week, CareeRealism posted an article that might be of interest to older — or, rather, more mature … or perhaps just overqualified — workers. Read "How Do I Avoid Revealing My Age in a Resume?"

4. We, too, were sharing resume advice for the worker of a certain age. Read "Five Ways to Rejuvenate Your Resume." 

3. Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail published (via some very helpful resume advice on jargon and buzzwords that can send your resume right into the No pile. Read "Cliches to Ditch on the Job Hunt."

2. We've just been through the Autumnal Equinox — there's no more denying that summer is over and fall is here. has a great collection of articles appropriate to the season. Peruse "Get Back into the Swing of Things with Your Career.

1. And now to close the week with some advice and encouragement — U.S. News and World Report is here to help people who spent at least part of this week waiting by the phone for that hiring manager to call. Read "Why It's Taking So Long to Hear Back After Your Job Interview."

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