Choosing a Career Is a Lifelong Activity

By Charles Purdy, Senior Editor

Monster was recently invited to participate in a very cool campaign started by Dylan Ratigan (of the eponymous MSNBC show): The 30 Million Jobs College Tour (you can follow the tour on Twitter, using the hashtag #30millionjobs).

As someone whose job it is to share advice that’ll help other people get jobs, I’m really excited by some of the things Ratigan is saying to young people starting their careers: he’s talking about the importance of experimentation — about not just finding your career niche (which is where a lot of career advice points) but also thinking in terms of creating your niche. (You can read a bit “30 Million Jobs” on Ratigan’s blog.)

One stop on the tour was the University of Kentucky, in Lexington — which is where I got to travel, to tape a brief segment on Dylan Ratigan’s show. Ratigan, a local Lexington-area recruiter, a recent UK grad, and I had a short conversation at the top of the show — we discussed smart industries for college students to go into, as well as tips on getting hired in these difficult times. (You can watch the clip at the bottom of this post.)

I think we all hit some great points in this segment — but I think the big takeaway is this: Choosing a career is not something you do just once, when you walk out of college — it’s something that has to happen throughout your life, as you learn and re-assess not only yourself but also the state of the industry and the world.

Especially when we’re talking about young people beginning their careers, looking at the long term means looking beyond “secure industries” and planning for lifelong career development. And this can mean following your passions — as long as you keep an eye on reality, as well as an eye on advances in your chosen industry.

The future is changing fast — the 2020 we imagine today is not the 2020 we imagined ten years ago. For instance, ten years ago, we didn’t even know about some of today’s hot careers, like “social media manager” or “mobile app developer.” And the graduates of 10 years ago will still be managing their careers in 2020 (they’ll just be competing against more younger people!).

Today’s employment reality means that you have to take an entrepreneurial approach to your career, even when you’re working for various employers. Watch the clip for more great advice:

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