49% of Workers Admit to Calling in “Sick” to Enjoy Summer!

In a recent Monster homepage poll, we asked visitor about their summertime work habits — specifically, “Have you ever called in ‘sick’ from work in order to enjoy beautiful summer weather?” Here’s what you had to to say:

  • I do this frequently — at least twice per summer. 8%
  • I do this occasionally — no more than once a summer. 11%
  • I do this seldom — I’ve done it once or twice in my career. 30%
  • I never play hooky from work! 51%

(1,395 respondents)

We also came across a new Wakefield Research Study, commissioned by Citrix, which reports some interesting facts about modern work life. The survey of more than 1,000 American office workers also asked for their most-creative excuses for calling out sick. Here are just a few of the (hilarious?) excuses that survey respondents reported:

  • “My bicycle ran out of gas”
  • “Gas is too expensive”
  • “I’m dieting”
  • “I drank too much Sunkist and was too tired to come in”
  • “I’m having toenail issues”
  • “My numerologist told me not to come in”
  • “It’s Elvis’s birthday”
  • “Dog sprayed by a skunk”
  • “All my clothes are in the washer right now, I have nothing to wear”
  • “I had to see where my gardener was really planting everything that I wanted and paid for”
  • “Stumbled on the love of my life”

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Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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