Is Having a Secure Job Most Important Today?

By Guest Blogger Deborah Shane

Americans believe that having a secure job is by far the most important requirement for being in the middle class, easily trumping home ownership and a college education, according to a new nationwide Pew Research Center survey of 2,508 adults.

Nearly nine in ten adults (86%) say that a person needs a secure job to be considered part of the middle class, while just 45% say the same about owning a home, 37% say it about a college education, and 28% say it about financial investments.

The job-versus-career discussion continues. People tell me more and more that having a job and benefits gives them peace of mind, purpose, and hope for the future. Yet it is still very challenging for many to find a job that fits their skills, experience, and qualifications. The process requires a plan, perseverance and a healthy dose of creativity.

There are jobs and people are getting them, but it does take longer and new skills sets.

Here are 5 keys that can help you find and get a job that can and will bring you that security.

Be Relevant and Current
Make sure your toolbox and all of your skills are up to date and that you are armed with all of the current networking, technology, and new media tools, that are the norm now. Go take some classes or online webinars, or hire a coach, but do it.

Get Connected
Upgrade your profiles on professional networking platforms and use them more to develop professional connections. These are not social platforms, they are professional platforms. More people are making career and job connections this way, with great success and results.

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Blend and Balance Your In-Person and Online Networking
Make sure you are going out and meeting key people in person and having some personal conversations with them. This is an opportunity to personally brand yourself and let people get to know you as a person. Follow up with people through online social activities, as a bridge and a way to grow connections. Engage online in conversations, discussions, groups and share your ideas.

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Leverage Connections
Always be making good connections and making sure that you are reciprocating and bringing value to people. Being “well connected” is valued personal capital today that opens doors to reach out and ask people for introductions and referrals. Be proactive with introducing and connecting good people to each other, who you feel should know each other.

Stay Active and Be Consistent
Have a plan to stay connected and bring value to people’s day. Start a blog, contribute articles to other blogs, and spend time daily online supporting others and being consistent with what you want people to know about you.

The Pew Survey also found overall that  “Americans are positive about the progress they are making toward their career goals”. This is great news for the new world and norm of careers and work today!

Optimism, action, and opportunity are all in play now. It’s an amazing time to pursue any career you want!

Guest blogger Deborah Shane is the author of the book “Career Transition: Make the Shift,” as well as a branding strategist, nationally published writer, speaker, and media host.

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