Be a Boss! (Or Just Be Like One.)

National Boss’s Day is just around the corner, on October 16. And what better way to celebrate leaders and leadership than to start taking steps toward becoming a boss (or if you’re already a boss, becoming a better one). To get you started, we collected 25 motivational and informational articles on how to get yourself to the corner office:

  1. Put your promotion on a fast track. From Earn a Promotion in a Year
  2. Get a promotion and a raise. From Fast Company: 7 Steps to Getting Paid More and Promoted Faster
  3. New job? You can still move ahead fast. From Five Tips for Getting Promoted Fast at Your New Job
  4. Gain authority in the workplace. From 7 Tips to Becoming a Leader at Work
  5. Before you start climbing that ladder, ask yourself if you’re ready. From Are You Cut Out for Management?
  6. Being young doesn’t have to stop you. From Six Steps to Leadership for Young Professionals
  7. Find out how real-life bosses got where they are. From Huffington Post: How to Get Promoted: Advice from Real Bosses
  8. Do you have what it takes? From How to Tell If You Are Management Material
  9. Get into the boss’s office — for good. From Wired: Become the Boss
  10. Become a boss. Stay a boss. From Enlightened Manager Blog: 5 Tips for First-Time Bosses
  11. Know what to do when you get into the boss’s office. From Congratulations! You’re a Manager … Now What?
  12. Already a boss? There’s still room for self-improvement. From Time: How to Be a Better Boss
  13. Never stop learning, even when you’re the boss. From U.S. News: 10 Snappy Tips for Becoming a Better Boss
  14. Being a boss and being a leader aren’t always the same thing. From the Washington Post: Leadership Advice from the 2011 Top Leaders
  15. Change the way you lead. From Revolutionize Your Leadership Style
  16. Get inspired. From Positivity Blog: 25 Great Quotes on Leadership
  17. It’s all about people. From Network Your Way to Success
  18. A great boss motivates his or her employes. From The Top 9 Things That Ultimately Motivate Employees to Achieve
  19. There’s always room to move up. From WikiHow: How to Get a Promotion
  20. When you don’t see a ladder, build one! From Create Your Own Opportunities
  21. Earn your colleagues’ respect. From U.S. News: 10 Ways to Appear More Authoritative at Work
  22. Get Twitter mentors. From CareerBliss: Top 10 Leadership Experts on Twitter
  23. Make your employees love you. From Inc.: The Right Way to Give Feedback
  24. Don’t rest on past success — keep moving forward! From Five Ways to Keep Your Career Moving Forward
  25. One sure way to be the boss is to start your own company! From 25 Common Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

What are your tips for getting promoted, becoming a boss, and being a great leader? Share them in our Comments section!



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