5 for Friday: Workplace Trends Edition

This week’s 5 for Friday rounds up five stories about the latest workplace trends and tips.

  • 8 Tips for How to Ask for a Raise. Career Rocketeer: “Don’t just go storming into your manager’s office and pound your fist on their desk asking for more pay. Keep track of your performance as you go through the year,” writes Dorothy Tannahill-Moran.
  • Employers Hire People They Want To Be Friends With, Study Finds. Huffington Post: Having the same tastes, experiences and leisure pursuits as the interviewer — as well as good “emotional spark” with him or her — is just as important, if not more, than actual job skills, according a new study by Northwestern University management and organizations professor Lauren Rivera.
  • 5 Career Paths to the Millionaire’s Club. Time: “Spectrem found that 75% of wealthy entrepreneurs and business owners attribute their success to prudent risk taking. This group is also most likely to cite serendipity, or ‘being in the right place at the right time.’ Just 58% of professionals including doctors and lawyers attributed their success to risk taking.”
  • Do You Need to Attend Your Company Holiday Party? U.S. News & World Report: “You might think that your company party is an optional treat, but many managers take note of who does and doesn’t attend—and will penalize those who don’t, either subtly or openly.”
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