5 for Friday: Interviewing Skills Edition

interviewing skillsThis week’s 5 for Friday rounds up five stories about the latest trends in developing your interviewing skills.

  • Improve Your Networking by Improving Your TMAY – Tell Me About Yourself. Life Hack: “The TMAY is invaluable, not just in interviews and not just for job seekers. Anyone who networks needs a short description of himself or herself. It is useful when you meet people and they want to know about you. Obviously, it can be adjusted for different circumstances but the core elements remain.”
  • Rebooting Your Career After a Long Layoff. Reuters: “The biggest challenge is that you become professionally disconnected and lose track of your network,” says Carol Fishman Cohen, founder of career re-entry firm iRelaunch.”
  • Finding the Job of Your Life. HBR Blog Network: “On a first date you rarely ask yourself, ‘Is he or she the one?’ Ok, maybe you do, and you might be able to tell if someone isn’t. But you are more likely to wonder, ‘Is this going any further?’ or more precisely, whether and how you would like it to. The latter question is far more useful.”
  • How to Scare Away a Job Interviewer. U.S. News and World Report: “Most job seekers worry about making mistakes in interviews, but most interviewers understand that no one gives a perfect interview and will overlook the occasional flubbed answer. However, it’s still possible to scare off your interviewer with a single statement or action.”
  • 5 Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid. Market Watch: “A failure to communicate may be one of the biggest mistakes job seekers are making these days, and mature workers may be struggling more than most.”

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