5 for Friday: Workplace Productivity Edition

This week’s 5 for Friday rounds up five stories about the latest trends in workplace productivity.

  • Tips for How to Ditch Your Work E-mail Over the Holidays . Globe and Mail: “You need to make sure your clients and colleagues know what you are planning; a system is in place that clients understand to handle anything that comes up; and the appropriate people know how to reach you beyond e-mail.”
  • Getting Value from a Low Performer Who You Don’t Manage. Fast Track: “While I’m a big believer in starting by talking to people directly, if you know that realistically you’re just not likely to take it up with Jane herself because she’s so difficult, then go straight to your boss — and explain that you haven’t addressed it directly with Jane because you don’t feel comfortable raising sensitive issues when she’s already hostile and resentful. But don’t let your discomfort dealing with Jane become a reason to say nothing.”
  • Work Smarter with Evernote in 2013. HBR Blog Network: “What would it mean to work smarter with Evernote in 2013? Here’s a month-by-month game plan that just scratches the surface of how such a tool can help you.”
  • In Most Rich Countries, Women Work More Than Men. New York Times: “For whatever reason, the traditional division of labor appears deeply ingrained, in both rich countries and poor ones. The report observes also that policies intended to help promote work-life balance, such as parental leave options, often counterintuitively have the effect of reinforcing gender roles at home.”

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