CoolJobs: Finance Edition

January is commonly a month when many, from individuals to corporations, revise their spending and investments. Finance professionals ranging from financial advisors to budget analysts, assist people with their monetary goals. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 23% job outlook through 2020 in finance jobs.

This week, we are featuring 10 of the coolest jobs from cool companies hiring finance professionals who help many reach their financial goals.

1. Financial Advisor – Mutual of Omaha (Monroe Township, NJ): It’s your future. Understand the big picture at Mutual of Omaha as a Financial Advisor.

2. Financial Advisor  – Northwestern Mutual (Manhattan, NY): Personalize your own an approach to uncovering financial solutions Northwestern Mutual as a Financial Advisor.

3. Member Communications Budget Analyst – CVS Caremark (Woonsocket, RI): Improve the quality of life while doing what you love @CVS Caremark  as Communications Budget Analyst.

4. Financial Solutions Advisor – Bank of America (Chandler, AZ): Here’s an opportunity for acheivement Bank of America as a Financial Advisor.

5. Financial Advisor – Nationwide Financial Network (Palatine Bridge, NY): Plan on telling a story worth sharing Nationwide as a Financial Advisor.

6. Finance Recruiter – Adecco RPO (Dallas, TX): Be part of a unique “people first” culture at Adecco RPO as a Finance Recruiter.

7. Finance Technician – P3S Corporation (Ellsworth Air Force Base, SD): Let performance, productivity, and powerful solutions empower you  at P3S Corporation as a Finance Tech.

8. Finance RICE Developer – Capgemini (Marlborough, MA): Success is defined differently by different people. Define your success at Capgemini as Finance RICE Developer.

9. Finance Manager, Marketing Finance – Sun Products Corporation (Wilton, CT): Be part of a positive, optimistic workplace with contagious energy at Sun Products Corporation as Finance Mgr.

10. VP, Finance – Century Group (Orange County, CA): Build good relationships and a strong reputation at Century Group as VP of Finance.



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