5 for Friday: Workplace Happiness Edition

workplace happinessThis week’s 5 for Friday rounds up five stories about the latest trends in workplace happiness.

  • The Workplace Myth That Could Kill Your Career. Brazen Careerist: “There’s no doubt that independence is a fantastic quality, but at the workplace, independence is incredibly overrated. Unless you have absolutely no human contact during your workday, being overly independent—or worse, pulling the “I’m not here to make friends” routine—will get you nowhere in a hurry. Eventually, you will need help or a favor from a coworker, and it’s during those times that having friends is critical—especially if you want to be as productive as possible.”
  • How to Set Better Boundaries at Work. ThoughtLeaders: “You need to define your own lines regarding the work you do or do not do, time spent at work versus time spent away from it, and any other boundaries that make your work and life experiences pleasant ones. These lines will form your maxims. You should be able to rely on them during stressful times to remind you of the behaviors that enable you to achieve balance.”
  • 7 Tips For Networking Inside a Large Company. Bostinno.com: “Instead of networking, I would say that I built relationships at my company. Networking as a word sounds very selfish and as if you are only trying to meet someone to get something out of them. Business is about relationships. If you genuinely care about learning and hearing people’s stories, you will build a relationship with them. Once this exists you can ask for something from them or vice versa. But remember, its a two way stream.”
  • How do you avoid workplace divisiveness when your CEO is political? SmartBlog on Leadership: “You can’t help it. We’re human. CEOs are human, and they’re just venting their thoughts like everyone else. But you have to be a little more controlled, you have to bring your maturity, you have to find that maturity and professionalism within yourself and know to bite your tongue. Or, choose to live with the consequences.”
  • Happy Workers Are Healthy Workers. Business News Daily: “Being engaged with your work may be good not only for your career, but it may be good for your health as well. New research has found that engaged workers are more likely than disengaged counterparts to lead a healthy lifestyle.”

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