5 for Friday: Getting Promoted Edition

This week’s 5 for Friday rounds up five stories about the latest tips on getting promoted.

  • Job hunting? What Kind of Pay Hike to Expect. CNNMoney.com: “Use sites like Salary.com and PayScale.com, as well as job boards with postings that provide salary ranges, to get an idea of what kind of salary you can reasonably negotiate for. And don’t forget that salary isn’t everything. Perks and benefits can sometimes make up for so-so base pay.”
  • 5 Ways You’re Killing Your Chance At A Promotion. GlassDoor.com: “Many individuals underestimate the importance of their on-the-job interactions. While it isn’t necessary to be your company’s social butterfly, the way you interact with your co-workers, managers, and customers is likely to play a large role in your potential promotion.”
  • Making the Awkward Jump From Peer to Boss. ThoughtLeaders blog: “First, acknowledge the weirdness. It’s the elephant in the room. Get everyone to say it feels awkward and get them to commit to making it work (you have to make the same commitment by the way). Acknowledging discomfort is the only way to truly focus on it and make it go away.”
  • Early-Stage Career Boosters For People With MVP Potential. FastCompany.com: “Gain knowledge in two areas, not one. You will find that many innovations arise at the intersection of disciplines, like video games, genetics, electronic books, iPhones, and hip-hop. Be a lifelong learner, and never shut out feedback. And, while you’re at it, become conversant in the computer science of data structures, statistics, and user interface. They are manipulatives of your future.”
  • 5 Reasons to Plan Your Career Goals This Year. Career Rocketeer: “As a long-time goal setter, I hear, like everyone else, those naysayer’s who poo-poo goals or resolutions. Don’t let that be you; but in case you are tottering on the edge of ignoring goal setting this year, let me offer up some good reasons to do it right now.”

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