Do Unusual Resumes Work?

Philippe Dubost’s unusual resume — repackaged as an Amazon product page — has sparked a lot of interest across the web this week. If you haven’t seen it, you should definitely check it out.

It’s clever, for sure. But are such ploys effective for most job seekers? Probably not. Still, if you want to give it a try, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Hire a designer. Unless you are a designer yourself, odds are, your lack of skill will show. If you’re doing to go this route, do it right and bring in a pro.
  • Make sure its searchable. Many  of the graphic resumes I’ve seen fail this test.  Make sure your page’s source code includes the important keywords that a recruiter would be looking for in a resume page). Employers have to be able to find you online  — and, of course, on
  • Don’t neglect the tried-and-true. If your infographic-style resume goes viral, odds are it will be successful in landing you a job. (It may also just leave you flooded with calls from reporters and bloggers who are chasing a story but can’t actually hire you.) There’s a risk in resorting to tactics like this while neglecting the traditional tactics that get people hired every day.

What do you think about these unorthodox resumes? Can they successfully replace traditional job hunting tactics?




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  • Josh Tolan

    These are all great tips about unusual resumes. You might actually want to get outside the box with your resume but not stray too far from the typical hiring process. You don’t need to make an Amazon product page, after all, to get the attention of the right hiring manager. If you record a video resume to enhance your traditional paper resume you’ll be showing off your creative thinking. But you’ll also be showing off your passion for the job and your communication skills, with no professional designers required.

  • Tim Donnelly

    Though it’s a nice resume, sticking your face on your resume makes it difficult for hiring managers and folks in HR, as it opens the door for discrimination (they shouldn’t be able to say anyone is too old, young, the wrong ethnicity, etc.) Keep in mind everyone is scanning your resume fast and looking for what YOU can do for THEM. I’d say that if you’re not a designer and trying to show your design savvy, stay away from anything unusual.


    Great article, but unusual Resumes are not worth the risk. If you submit a traditional Resume and are rejected because you don’t have the right mix of skills or experience, you still have a shot at applying for a different position later on. An unusual Resume could you blacklist you from future job opportunities from the same company. Nobody wants to hire the “weird” guy.