5 for Friday: Workplace Communications Edition

This week’s 5 for Friday rounds up five stories about the latest trends in workplace communications.

  • How to Network Without Sounding Like a Jerk. MainStreet.com: “If you’ve got only a couple of hours at a cocktail party to meet and greet, your first impulse may be to work the room quickly, giving as many elevator pitches as you can to well-heeled attendees. But coming off too aggressive or overly salesman-like can be a big turnoff.”
  • 9 Practices to Help You Say No. HBR Blog Network: “If you’re someone who is used to saying yes, it will take courage to say no, especially if the person asking doesn’t give up easily. You may feel like a bad friend. You might feel like you’re letting someone down or not living up to expectations. Maybe you’ll imagine that you’ll be seen or talked about in a negative light. Those things might be the cost of reclaiming your life. You’ll need courage to put up with them. “
  • 3-Step Method to Better Presentations. SmartBlog on Leadership: “Getting a presentation ready for prime time can sometimes be frustrating. Content is seldom an issue; organization is. So let me share some advice I received from a Jesuit speech teacher who learned it from Aristotle.”
  • Why Everyone Ignores Your Email Sales Pitch Passion on Purpose: “A sales pro understands they are just a keystroke away from the trash bin and approaches the e-mail introduction with the care and commitment required to earn a response.”
  • Does Technology Make Us More Productive Workers?. Boston.com: “On one hand, modern technology affords us to get more work done at a much faster pace as employees are able to connect to the workplace anytime, anywhere. On the other hand, the increased use of technology has led some employees to feel they are unable to disconnect from work, and that doesn’t necessarily lead to greater productivity.”

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