5 for Friday: Workplace Image Edition

This week’s 5 for Friday rounds up five stories about the latest trends in improving your workplace image.

  • Career Coach: Do You Have “Executive Presence?”. Washington Post:At first, the idea of executive presence may sound like a bunch of fluff, but research has found a connection between it and job promotion. If you are perceived as a leader, your chances of being promoted increase.
  • Secret Weapon: How to Strengthen the Most Valuable Job Skill. Black Enterprise: “For managers or senior executives, high EI usually corresponds with a good job performance. For employees, it often leads to better decision-making abilities, job satisfaction and completion of goals. Managers who lack a good EI usually find great difficulty in social interactions and the nurturing of professional relationships.”
  • What Your Email Says About Your Brand. Fast Company: “Indeed, digital branding starts in your inbox. After all, more people likely view your emails than view your social media posts. That makes your e-bookends–your email address and your signature block–prime real estate on which to build your brand.”
  • What Not to Wear If You Want to Get Promoted. Monster.com: “Dressing for success doesn’t stop with the job interview. What you wear can affect how your co-workers and managers treat you, how your team views you — and how your boss might perceive you when it’s time for promotions. Here are some things to consider. “

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