Cool Jobs: Austin Jobs Edition

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and job growth is no exception. In particular, HackCollege ranked Austin — host of the massive SXSW festival this week — as one of the best cities for good jobs.  If you’re loving the vibe at the conference and find yourself scanning the #whyaustin hashtag on Twitter looking for an excuse to move there … well, your opportunity to find better may just be right around the corner!

This week, we are featuring 10 of the coolest Austin jobs from cool companies.

1.) eCommerce Technical Support Ninja – Bigcommerce (Austin): Are you web savvy and ready to work work with a talented team? Join BigCommerce as eCommerce Technical Support Ninja.

2.) Brand Manager  – Driggs Search International (Austin): Are you resourceful, direct, and energizing at Driggs Search International as Brand Manager.

3.) Chemistry Technician – Hospira (Austin): Aspire to save others’ lives, while shaping your own at Hospira as Chemistry Technician.

4.) Video Systems Software Engineer – LifeSize Communications (Austin): Deliver the ultimate communication experience at LifeSize Communications as Video Systems Software Engineer.

5.) Petroleum Supply Specialist – Army National Guard (Austin): Take your life to the next level? Join at National Guard as a Petroleum Supply Specialist.

6.) Production Color Field Service Engineer  – Ricoh (Austin): Imagine change at Ricoh as Production Color Field Service Engineer.

7.) Sr. Staff QA Engineer – VISA (Austin): Seize an opportunity for growth and personal challenge at Visa as Sr. Staff QA Engineer.

8.) Assistant Scientist – Asuragen (Austin): Better work, better life as Assistant Scientist at Asuragen.

9.) Online Writer and Blogger  – HubPages (Austin): Are you a passionate write at HubPages searching for Online Writer and Blogger.

10.) Marketing Copywriter – Greenleaf Book Group (Austin): Refresh your career as Marketing Copywriter at Greenleaf Book Group.


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