5 for Friday: Professional Networking Edition

Professional networking, both online and in person, is a great way to make contacts that can mentor you, aid in your job search or become clients for your business.  It does take skill, however, to do it properly.  This week’s five for Friday offers a few ideas and suggestions.

  • Top 7 Career Benefits of a Strong Network. Undercover Recruiter:  “Let your network be your secret weapon when it comes to your career. It’s never too late to begin building a vast network of beneficial relationships.”
  • Network the Hell Out of People: 6 Expert TipsInc.com:  “There are a lot of people out there who can help you, but they won’t just ring the doorbell. You need to find those relationships, and then cultivate and nourish them, to keep them alive and healthy.”
  • A How To Guide: Networking to Expand Your Sphere of Influence. The Savvy Intern:  “’Always be the worst musician in the band.’  This quote is attributed to musician Pat Metheny, but the metaphor crosses all industries and career choices. Simply put: if you find you are the smartest, most dynamic, most entrepreneurial, or the best blogger in your current circle of colleagues – expand your circle, now.  By meeting new contacts with fresh ideas and thought processes, your sphere of influence – both in terms of quantity and quality – will grow rapidly.”
  • Networking to Find a JobThe New Agenda:  “Soon your network will go viral. People will begin to let you know when they hear about jobs. It’s amazing. When you get your job, remember to let everyone in chain know. They will appreciate knowing they were part of your success!”

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