5 for Friday: Mentoring Edition

This week’s 5 for Friday rounds up links about how a mentoring can help you reach your career goals.

  • How to Find And Use A Mentor. Forbes: “When you’re ready to reach out, be specific. People are more likely to respond to a concrete request, like a 20-minute coffee meeting to discuss the potential mentor’s career path, than to an open-ended cry for help, which could potentially turn into a burdensome time suck.”
  • Rethinking Mentorship. Huffington Post Business: “Our dynamic, global economy demands creative leaders who are able to forge new paths. Mentorship must be more about empowering the mentee than about shaping the mentee to be like the mentor.”
  • Sandberg on Mentoring. CBS News – 60 Minutes: “Bossy is just a couple of degrees off from another B-word.” (VIDEO)

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