#FindBetter Wednesdays: Your Advice for Career Success

At Monster.com, we’re on a mission to find the nation’s best bits of career advice. Everyone, no matter what job they do or where they are in their career, has a story to share about how to succeed. In an effort to “pay it forward” and help others, we’ve been encouraging people all over the world to share their tips with us on our Facebook page or using #FindBetter on Twitter.

So far the results have been awesome! Since Wednesday is “hump day,” we figured what better day to help you stay inspired in your job search journey.  So each Wednesday, we’ll spotlight some of the best tips people have tweeted to us, or shared via Facebook. Here are some of the best #FindBetter tips contributed through our social channels over the past week:

After a job interview, what are some of your tips that you use to close the deal?

Popular responses included:

  • Write a thoughtful thank-you note, and be sure to recall interesting details from your conversation to leave a lasting impression.
  • Assess your odds. Listen closely to your interviewer for positive verbal cues such as “once you start” or “when you join the team.”

From Twitter:

  • @ReynoldsRecruit Ask the right questions & do your research to determine if there’s a good fit between you & the employer
  • @VinceCripps Dress for the job you WANT, not for the job you HAVE #FindBetter
  • @MeyerScott @A4HRD don’t let fears about what you can’t do hold you back, you have more to offer than you can ever realize
  • @TheLifespring  Be polite, be friendly, be confident. A smile & a thank you go a long way.
  • @DeanaMorrisUoB If the job isn’t right for you, find one that is. It’s them. It’s not you. Be confident in you. Life’s too short.

What’s the weirdest or hardest question you’ve been asked during an interview and how did you answer it?

Popular responses included:

  • One follower, upon greeting the interviewer, was presented with a pen and given one instruction: “Sell me this pen.”
  • Another follower was asked, “What object in a refrigerator would you be? And why?”
  • Another follower was even asked, “If I told you to jump off a bridge, would you?”

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  • Michael

    Corporate Recruiter -After a 6 hour interview marathon with 5 individuals I was asked the same question 5 times ” How do you find people” By the 5th time I was tired of repeating my Sourcing Techniques-Number 5 Question-” How do you find people” Answer- ‘People are OK-but I prefer animals’. After a stunned pause-I got the laugh and the job!

  • Parker

    “Sell me this pen.”—-> Cool! Do I get to keep the money too? I love 100% mark-ups!

    “What object in a refrigerator would you be? And why?”—-> The thermostat. You ever had frozen celery? It sucks.

    “If I told you to jump off a bridge, would you?”—->It depends on what I get for doing it and how far it is to the water. I like to balance risk and reward.