5 for Friday: Online Reputation Edition

This week’s 5 for Friday rounds up useful articles for monitoring and improving your online reputation.

  • Facebook’s New Graph Search Feature and the Implications for Your Online Reputation. Marketaire: “It’s no secret that almost everyone uses Facebook to find out information on others — whether it’s a potential employee, a blind date, a neighbor or co-worker who has piqued your curiosity. Graph Search is only going to make it easier for others to locate you and find information that you might not want to share outside of your circle of Facebook friends.”
  • Reputations Matter When Searching for a Job. CareerAlley.com: “Watch who your online friends are – It may seem innocent enough to you to be following or having folks follow you that may have some questionable personalities. Keep in mind, however, a prospective employer may think otherwise. If you are following or being followed by some in areas such as gambling or X-rated material, it could make you look bad, especially when it comes to judgment calls. If a prospective employer doubts your ability to make judgment calls, you could find yourself not even getting in the door for an interview.”
  • You Will Be Googled. Mashable: “You can showcase your awards online by using MeritShare. Then give some kudos to a co-worker and you both will be rewarded with some online recognition with your team play.”

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  • https://www.meritshare.com Travis Pearl

    Thanks for the MeritShare mention (via the Mashable article). If your readers have any questions about building their online reputation using MeritShare, drop us a line at support@meritshare.com!