Cool Jobs: World Health Day Edition

April 7 not only marks the anniversary of the World Health Organization (WHO), but it is also World Health Day, highlighting global health issues. The theme for this year’s World Health Day efforts is high blood pressure, or hypertension, also known as “the silent killer.” Today, World Health Day activities and campaigns throughout the world will focus on the causes and consequences of high blood pressure and recommendations of how to prevent hypertension, including maintaining a healthy diet and healthy weight.  Doctors, dieticians, physical trainers and other medical professionals worldwide will participate in this year’s World Health Day efforts.

This week, we are featuring 10 of the coolest jobs from cool companies hiring medical professionals who aim to keep patients healthy and at low-risk for hypertension.

1.) House Calls Physician – UnitedHealth Group (Boise, Idaho): Conduct in-home health assessments as House Calls Physician at UnitedHealth Group.

2.) Personal Trainer – Anytime Fitness (Washington, Mich.): Help others achieve their goals at Anytime Fitness as Personal Trainer.

3.) Registered Dietitian – Columbus Community Hospital (Fall River, Wis.): Provide medical nutrition therapy for patients as Dietitian at Columbus Community Hospital.

4.) Personal Trainer – Gold’s Gym (Birmingham, Ala.): Find strength in others as Personal Trainer at Golds Gym.

5.) Physician’s Associate – Mount Sinai Medical Center (New York): Provide patient care at Physician’s Associate at Mount Sinai Medical Center.

6.) Nurse Practitioner – Family Choice of New York (Depew, N.Y.): Make a difference in health care as Nurse Practitioner at Family Choice of New York.

7.) Dietitian – Park Plaza Hospital (Houston): Commit to exceptional service as Dietitian at Park Plaza Hospital.

8.) Fitness Instructor – Hilton Worldwide (Naples, Fla.): Work at Hilton Worldwide as Fitness Instructor.

9.) Attending Physician – Care New England (Providence, R.I.): Provide patient care as Attending Physician at Care New England.

10.) Weight Loss Counselor – Quick Weight Loss Centers (Miami): Have a passion for helping others? Join Quick Weight Loss Centers as a Weight Loss Counselor.

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