Adecco Hosts Way to Work Careerathon to Fight Youth Unemployment

Summer is almost here and that means many teens will be searching for summer jobs. It also means many college and high school graduates will be looking for full-time non-seasonal work, as well. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the unemployment rate for 18 to 29 year olds is 13.1 percent as of January 2013. To assist with youth unemployment efforts, Adecco is holding its Way to Work Careerathon on April 30. The program will be held at all Adecco offices and will be available online for those who are not able to attend. In addition, Adecco is holding Street Day events in both Detroit and Los Angeles to help job seekers these particularly hard-hit areas.

We spoke to Jennifer Brabson, digital marketing strategist for Adecco USA,  to learn more about the initiative.

How will the programs help young workers find success in the workplace?

Our [topics] are focused on addressing key issues that arise during the application and interview process, including resume and cover letter writing tips, mock interviews with Adecco clients, networking tips and information around managing a digital footprint as a job seeker. We’ll also have local representatives at the open houses and event that will be able to offer information around where job seekers can go locally to develop their skills — whether it be through online training or nearby technical schools  — for the workforce.

What advice do you have for a high-school or college student with no work experience for creating a strong resume? Emphasize classes taken? Extracurricular activities?

We always recommend getting that work/professional experience early on—even if it’s through internships or volunteering. You should also emphasize classes and degrees that are relevant for a position, and provide examples of leadership or skills that add to you as a candidate. A strong reference can also help you stand out. Our survey found that hiring managers list the three most important elements as experience, level of education and references as the things they find most important.

For those that aren’t in Detroit or Los Angeles, what can they get from this?

All documents and trainings after the event will be available for everyone to download. To access them, simply go to after April 30 and sign up. Additionally, all Adecco markets will be holding their own Way to Work events—job seekers can find the Adecco office nearest them by visiting:

These sites will also give more information about the Detroit and Los Angeles events. For even more information, you can follow @AdeccoUSA on Twitter or look them up on Facebook at

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