#FindBetter Wednesdays: Your Advice for Career Success

At Monster.com, we’re on a mission to find the nation’s best bits of career advice. Everyone, no matter what job they do or where they are in their career, has a story to share about how to succeed. In an effort to “pay it forward” and help others, we’ve been encouraging people all over the world to share their tips with us on our Facebook page or using #FindBetter on Twitter.

Here are some of the best #FindBetter tips contributed through our social channels over the past week:

From Facebook:

What part of the job search process do you focus on the most?

  • Presentation…..it’s KEY! A first impression is all you have.
  • Location and what kind of work and pay
  • The kind of work I’d be doing. And location: kinda important for one who doesn’t drive and relies on public transportation.
  • Establishing your personal brand is a KEY component of the job search process.
  • Qualifications, location and salary.

What is something in your job search that you do differently now than in the past?

  • Creating a better resume.
  • Prepare more for interviews

From Twitter:

@kjosephabraham  Discover the convergence of what you love doing, what you are really good at and what your potential employer is seeking!

@GraduateRescue  Use free time to develop your employability – start a community project or learn a language & then get applying!

@ConsumerU  Always send a thank you email or note after an #interview. Being appreciative goes a long way!

@FatGrlFriendly  Develop a plan…don’t just jump. What is your end result & how can you get there? Strategic planning is vital!

@careerdi work with a #mentor to develop a five year plan and the steps needed to make it a reality.

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