5 for Friday: Job Search Edition

This week’s 5 for Friday features links to help you with your job search.

  • Tap Your School for Job-Hunt Help. Wall Street Journal: “Colleges offer students access to exclusive job posting databases, alumni career networks, workshops, job fairs and individual counseling. But even though graduation is around the corner, some students have yet to even visit their school’s career center—and many aren’t aware that they can continue to take advantage of these services once they have their diplomas in hand.”
  • Career Advice for the Class of 2013. Huffington Post College: “It’s easy to go into the job search focusing on what you want. While that is important you must also be a solution provider. In our current economy you may land contract or temporary work that leads to full-time permanent work so be industrious and lead with I Believe I Can Help You… and provide a solution to an issue or concern.”
  • 6 Ways to Absolutely Make Sure You Don’t Get The Job. Forbes: “For a job applicant, there is no greater sin than being annoying. Employers aren’t just looking for a well-qualified candidate—they’re looking for one they want to spend eight hours a day with. Following up if you haven’t heard back in a few weeks can be done with tact. Following up on that follow up? Almost never a good idea.”
  • Should I Use a Paper Resume or an Online One? Lifehacker: “You want to prepare both so you can provide whatever the employer requests. When an employer isn’t specific, you can offer both options to allow them to choose what they prefer. While we’re moving towards an increasingly online world, we’re not quite there yet.”
  • What Your Resume Says About Your Age. Huffington Post DC: “Consider changing your email address to a gmail account. Hotmail, Yahoo, and AOL account holders are often assumed to be middle-aged or older due to the time in which these providers were popular and acquired the majority of their account holders. Gmail account holders are viewed as computer literate and technologically savvy.”

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