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Here are some of the best #FindBetter tips contributed through our social channels over the past week:

From Facebook:

How do you send “thank you’” notes after an interview? What kind…mail, email, follow-up phone call? Do you think “thank you” notes are important? 
  • I was told e-mail is the best way. If you send it via mail it takes several days and may get lost in a pile of mail. Also if it’s a toss up between you and another candidate your thank you note, expressing your gratitude for their time, reinforcing your interest in the position might just you get you hired over the other person. I agree job searching is very frustrating and you have to jump through a lot of hoops and cover a lot of bases but in order to win that job you got to play by the “rules”.
  • I don’t believe that writing thank-you notes is a factor in being hired at all. Many other factors are more important in being hired.
  • Depends on what type of position (mail or email). It’s just polite; these people are busy, it’s polite to thank them for their time and shows you care enough to take the time to thank them. Definitely do it.
  • I hand wrote and mail them.
  • Follow-up Email. That’s better if you send it within 2 days after interview.
What day of the week is your most productive job search day? Why?
  • Monday, Tuesday & Thursday – once you’ve done all the hunting before Friday it’s hard to find something new to apply for come Friday or expect any responses that day from prospective employers.
  • Monday through Friday! Openings can be posted ANYTIME!
  • Everyday
  • It varies. Whenever I go through periods of unemployment, every day feels different. Some days I’m really gung-ho with my job searching, while other days I feel like I need to take a break and get my mind off of it for a little while.
  • Wednesday…Sunday is usually cattle call day for the classifieds,there’s usually some new things posted a few days later.
  • Between Monday to Thursday, but mostly Monday.

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