5 for Friday: Summer Clothing Edition

Temps are warming up across much of the nation, or will be soon. Don’t let inappropriate warm weather clothes ruin your internship, interview or first day at a new job. Here are some tips for everyone on warm weather business attire.

  • Don’t Be a Skintern. What Not to Wear to Your Summer Internship. Slate: “When in doubt, ask. I hire and manage some interns during the summer, and exactly one intern has asked me what was appropriate to wear to the office—and I respected her for asking. A friendly HR manager, internship coordinator, or person you report to should be happy to give you a few guidelines specific to your office, especially if it means she won’t be getting an eyeful en route to the coffee machine.”
  • Summer Clothing That Doesn’t Make the Grade As Business Casual. Boston.com: “For every piece of advice I’m about to give, there’s usually an exception. But beware of the exception, especially if it results in opting for more casual attire. Remember, you can always dress your clothing down but dressing it up is much harder. For instance, a guy can wear a tie and then take it off, but if he doesn’t have a tie and discovers he needs one, he’s out of luck.”
  • The Hunt: Very Light Gray Pants. Corporette: “Yeah, yeah: we’ve all heard that summer is the Time of the White Pant. For my money, though, summer is the perfect time for the Very Light Gray Pant. It’s summery without the fuss of the white pant (keeping it clean, finding no-show undergarments, etc), and it’s also not quite as stark/statement-y as white pants. Wear it with neutrals, or wear it with colors — the pastels of spring, the vibrant hues of mid-summer, even the darker hues of late summer.”
  • Spring/Summer Office Wear Part 1: Boardroom/Corporate Smart. Fashionbeans: “Shirts of the shorter sleeved ilk have been on the rise recently, with a rejuvenation of sorts bringing them firmly back into the mind of the modern, fashion-conscious male. However, short sleeves and a tie for the boardroom or a corporate office? Really? The combination smacks of a fast food chain worker or Dave from IT. The only accessories you’ll need with that combination are a name-tag and hairnet. Not to mention that it’s seldom an option to cover up your lack of sleeves with a jacket or knitwear due to the heat. With all this in mind, short sleeves are definitely not the quick fix you’re after.”
  • Summer Fashion for the Office Intern. Braathe Enterprises Virtual Project: “Consider the office culture. What was the interviewer wearing? Is the furniture extremely high-end or slightly deco? Dress codes are very much present when interning. Interns are a part of the team and assist in making the overall progress of the firm a success. Take pride in your attire because not only do you represent your supervisors but they are also watching every move you make—starting with your attire.”

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