5 for Friday: Social Media Edition

Are you actively leveraging your presence on social media for your job search? Are you managing your online reputation? If you aren’t doing both of these things, you need to start immediately. Lots of people find jobs through online networking and lots of employers find dirt about employees the same way. Time to clean up your profiles and then get out there and show off your skills!

  • Many Graduates Ignore Social Media’s Influence During the Job Search. U.S. News & World Report: “Many graduates, and older workers as well, overestimate the role of the resume and underestimate the role of online research or networking in the job search process,” said Keith Cline, a principal at recruiting firm Dissero, LLC. “The reality is that your online presence plays an increasingly large role in whether you are considered for a job, and candidates who don’t take that seriously may jeopardize their job searches.”
  • Don’t Start a Job Hunt Until You Read This. Huffington Post: “If you have anything controversial on your digital footprint, i.e. Google, Facebook, etc. that you cannot remove; you need to address it openly with the hiring company.”
  • How Improving Your Online Image Can Help Your Job Search. Mercury News: “Whether it’s a new college graduate looking for a first job, a single jumping into the online dating world or a business owner stung by negative publicity, almost everyone has some online history they’d like to bury. And that’s the problem. On the Web, it’s virtually impossible to erase anything entirely.”
  • Job Seeker Do’s and Don’ts. Recruiter.com: “Keep your professional networking sites professional, and control what you want others to see. These sites also work the other way. The best way to get a feel of a company’s employer brand or company culture is to check out their sites. You can learn a lot about a company just from searching around their social media for a few minutes.”

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