5 for Friday: Tech Tools to Help Your Job Search

As the world continues to advance through technology, we find innovation everywhere and in everything, even in how we search for jobs. This week’s roundup brings you tech tips and tools to help you stay up-to-date with the evolution of the job search.

  • 10 Ways The Job Search Has Changed. Forbes: “Job searching has changed dramatically over the past few years. If you want to succeed, you’ll have to take a much different approach than you did previously. Here are 10 things today’s job hunters need to know.”
  • Smart Spending on Job Search Tools, Boston.com: “There are many services that can help job seekers in the process of finding the right job, and the key to deciding what to pay for and when to pass, is all about value. Spending money on services won’t guarantee finding a job faster or finding the right job. So before you pull out your wallet, know exactly what you need, and exactly what you’ll get.”
  • Seven Tools to Monitor and Promote Your Personal Brand. Marketing Profs: “In personal branding, the best defense is a good offense. Good personal branding is all about presenting yourself as both personable and professional, then making that presentation the first and only thing people see.”
  • How to Give Your Resume a Social Media Punch. HR News Daily: “Perhaps the place where social media has had the biggest influence is talent management. Job searches, recruitment and candidate administration are all essentially social structures—a two way street custom-made for social media. Hiring has never been a one-sided proposition. Your resume is no longer just on paper, it’s also online. Companies are just as likely to examine social media to learn about you.”
  • The Importance of an Online Resume in 2013. The Tech Void: “Believe it or not, the format in which your resume is saved and distributed matters quite a lot. For example, a resume saved in a .doc format may look different on an employer’s computer compared to the computer it was composed on depending on versions of software. Because of this it is advisable to attach your resume to emails as a PDF file type as this will guarantee your resume retains its original formatting when viewed across all systems.”

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  • Ray Beaulieu

    The above article is nothing but a lot of bull. Age discrimination is alive and well and worse than even. If you want to buy that propaganda bull then just go try and get a job. Most of the HR people themselves are fresh out of school with no experience in the field or anywhere else. Of course they are looking to hire similar blank slates. Experienced people scare the hell out of them!! When they get your resume and they see your experience level they automatically think you are too qualified, too old, too expensive, and they attempt to hire their contemporaries instead.

    There is no more face to face interaction where you can impress someone with you knowledge, skills, personality, and appearance. You never even make it into the “maybe” pile on their desk.

    Bull to the author or that article. Try talking to people who really know what’s going on out there in the real world. Bahumbug to your bull.