5 for Friday: Job Interview Prep Edition

Considered by many to be the most nerve-racking part of the entire job search process, the interview can leave us swimming in a sea of questions and uncertainty. Am I saying the right thing? Am I understanding the questions correctly? Am I communicating effectively?

This week’s 5 for Friday is geared toward bringing you the answers you need to help you ace your next interview and get a new job.

  • Improve Your Job Interviews with Better Storytelling. 99U: “This is a great place to show vulnerability; people are often wary of doing this in professional scenarios, but it makes a big impact when it’s done well. If you share struggles or failures in the beginning, the accomplishments that you describe later will resonate even more with your audience since they will be rooting for you to succeed.”
  • How to Explain Being Fired on a Job Interview. U.S. World & News Report: “Rough question to get in a job interview. But let’s be real: If you encountered a termination in the past, it’s one you will get asked – guaranteed. For a question like this, it’s especially important to prepare and practice. Stumbling over your words can sound like you’re hiding something or as if you’re not exactly sure what happened – neither of which will put you at the top of the list for prospective employers.”
  • Job Seekers: Don’t Forget to Interview the Company (And Hiring Manager). Forbes: “Most people believe job interviews are about the candidate proving they are the best fit for the open position. Having spent many years of my career as a hiring manager, I think it’s actually a two-way street — because it’s also about the job candidate making sure the company (and manager) will be a good fit for them. Are you interviewing the company? If not, maybe it’s time you started.”
  • 5 Tips For Dressing For Job Interview Success. Business 2 Community: “Imagine that you have just landed an interview with for your dream job. The first things you probably think about are: Is my résumé ready? Am I prepared to answer all of their questions and ask some of my own? Another thing that you need to keep in mind when prepping for an interview is: what am I going to wear?”

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