#FindBetter Wednesdays: Your Advice for Career Success

At Monster.com, we’re on a mission to find the nation’s best bits of career advice. Everyone, no matter what job they do or where they are in their career, has a story to share about how to succeed. In an effort to “pay it forward” and help others, we’ve been encouraging people all over the world to share their tips with us on our Facebook page or using #FindBetter on Twitter.

Here are some of the best #FindBetter tips contributed through our social channels over the past week:

What came out of making a career change?

  • The realization that being flexible and debt free can allow you to find a better career in the long run. I had to live on very little for a while; but now, I make six figures and I love my job. I’m working on labor day, because I want to (really).
  • I wasn’t very successful during student teaching. That’s when I realized that I’m more of an assistant/helper type than a teacher/leader type.

“‘The best way to predict the future is to create it’ Peter Drucker” – @csrobinson86

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