5 for Friday: Personal Branding for Job Seekers Edition

5 for Friday: Personal Branding for Job Seekers EditionIn today’s job market, employers are looking for applicants who stand out, have a unique skill set and are social media savvy. So, just how can you be all this and more and in today’s competitive job market?

First, figure out what you want to do and how you want to be perceived. Next, figure out the specific skills and attributes that you have to offer employers. And finally, show employers your value by building a strong personal brand, continuing your education and by sharing your valuable perspective.

This week’s 5 for Friday brings you articles with information and tips on personal branding for job seekers and how to use your personal brand to become a more valuable job candidate.

  • How to Get Employers to Love Your Brand. Business 2 Community: “One of the key factors of building your personal brand is creating one employers and recruiters will love, which will give you an edge on your competition. To stay competitive in your job search, your personal brand must tell a story about your unique you. You need to feel confident marketing yourself as a job seeker throughout your personal brand.”
  • How to Harness the Power of Your Personal Brand. Tech Vibes:“Your reputation personally and professionally is tied to your personal brand which is how you conduct yourself around others and the sum of your personal experiences and education that define your character. Whether it is a potential employer or a prospective new client, people are going to Google your name to see what comes up about you. Why not give a presentation? By having a portfolio of your work online and a personal site, prospective clients or employers can assess your skills as they would when researching a car to purchase before going into the dealership. Testimonials, case studies or accomplishments all help you.”
  • How to Get Hired: Show Perspective, Not Pedigree. The Huffington Post: “It seems the dismal job market has created some real cynicism about whether America is still the land of opportunity, especially among recent graduates. What are companies looking for? How can prospective hires get a competitive advantage in an overcrowded marketplace? As a CEO I look for people who are curious, open, and collaborative. More than ever before, we want people who have eclectic, varied backgrounds. People who are genuinely interested in the world around them, who have a strong point of view and who can bring a fresh perspective to their work.”
  • How to Stay on top in the Career Game. Fox Business: “In today’s market, more employees are boosting their education and training and implementing other career-enhancing strategies to stay relevant and to get ahead. Unlike the 1990′s when companies lavished employees with endless training perks, today’s students are self-funded and driven by the realization that increased competence equals continued employment,”
  • You Are What You Tweet. The New Yorker: “The U.S. economy, following the typical course of development, has seen service-oriented jobs rise while labor-intensive industries like manufacturing have sharply declined. Success in a service job—providing tech support, selling cars, assisting the elderly—often involves getting people to see you as competent and likeable. With high competition for employment, personal branding has come to feel like a job-hunting prerequisite.”

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  • Marybeth Brockman

    Tech Vibes gave one of the best and simple definitions of what personal branding is! Thank you.