5 for Friday: How to Make a Great First Impression Edition

5 for Friday: How to Make a Great First Impression EditionFirst impressions are everything, especially in a job interview when you only have a small amount of time to make your case to the people you want to hire you. You want to look, act and sound your very best and carry yourself with an air of confidence that doesn’t cross the line to arrogance.

This week’s 5 for Friday provides articles with insight and information about how to be confident and make a great first impression in job interviews and other high-pressure situations.

  • 5 Speech Tips to ‘Find Your Voice’ for the Big Interview. U.S. World & News Report: “Sure, it’s normal protocol to go through a mental checklist of your look and delivery prior to an interview, but sometimes a critical piece to ace it – like being commanding and confident with your voice – is overshadowed. What you say in addition to how you say it paints the picture of your professional persona. … Your voice is part of the overall first impression in an interview.”
  • 6 Little Things That Make Big Impressions. Careerealism: “Show a physical confidence when you enter a room. Walk tall, keep your head up and actually look around at others. Pay attention from the minute you enter the room to the time you leave. Acknowledge others with a smile, a nod, and a hello. Hold the door open for others and offer to assist another person if you see they may be struggling.”
  • How To Look And Act Confident – Part 1. Georgia Public Broadcasting: “Acting confident can be taught. I’m not saying it will feel comfortable or natural, but acting in ways that appear confident can be done. Simply put, acting with confidence is all about leaning forward (or leaning “in” if you prefer) versus leaning back. Like most sports, it’s about being on your toes and not on your heels. So how do you do that? The best way is by asking great questions.”
  • An Unexpected Use For Motivational Quotes? Ace Your Next Job Interview. Forbes: “The best job interviews were good from the start. From the time I met the candidate at reception, even the small talk was articulate and engaging. For many job interviews, however, it took time before the candidate warmed up, with performance improving only after the first few minutes into the interview. You want to be at your best from the start.”

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