5 for Friday: Introverts Job Search Edition

5 for Friday: Introverts Job Search EditionLooking for a job and networking can be difficult for anyone, but may be especially so for introverts. The job search usually requires you to get out there, engage with people outside of your comfort zone, attend networking events and participate in lots of small talk — all activities introverts tend not to love.

To help you navigate your way, this week’s 5 for Friday has articles with tips for the introvert’s job search.

  • 10 Job Search Tips for Introverts. CIO: “This doesn’t just apply to introverts. Every job seeker should candidly assess his or strengths, weaknesses, successes and failures when job hunting. The most important tip? Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not, says Rona Borre, CEO and Founder of IT hiring, staffing, and consulting firm Instant Technology. In interviews, be up front and honest about how intimidating the process is, and how it’s difficult to break the ice with new people, Borre says. It can actually help you forge a connection with whomever you’re speaking to.
  • Making The First Impression Count: 5 Interviewing Tips for Introverts. Undercover Recruiter: “It is especially important for introverts to prepare mentally. How much do you know about the company and position you’re applying for? Explore the company website and learn everything you can about the business as a whole. Having a firm grasp on the company, its stakeholders, and its future goals will allow you to speak more freely about the position. Before the interview, outline how you will contribute to the company and help meet its goals. This way, you can discuss directly how hiring you would ultimately benefit the company.”
  • Introverts Unite! 4 Tips That Can Make Events Less Scary. MarketingProfs: “Be self-aware. Don’t get so lost in your smartphone that you forget where you are and who is around you. The point of being at an event is to interact with others in person. Be mindful of how your body language is perceived; your head buried in your phone can be off-putting. Eye contact and a smile work wonders. Events can also be quite draining. We all know this. Be aware of how your lack of energy can come across to others.”
  • The 6 Best Communication Strategies for Nabbing a Job. U.S. News & World Report: “Do a very close read of your résumé, and review carefully everything you’ve said at interviews. Ask yourself what specifically someone learns about you from each sentence of written and oral communications. Are you just saying stuff, or is there a clear purpose for each sentence? What is the overall impression that the reader of your résumé will draw from your tone, format, use of language and the way you build your case for consideration, point by point?”
  • Leaning Back: The Power Of Introverts. Forbes: “Influencers make a difference by challenging the status quo and by provoking new ways of thinking, effecting change, and inspiring others to move forward. Quiet Influencers begin their influencing journey where they think and recharge best: in quiet. Quiet Time provides energy, increases self awareness, and spurs creativity. Through creating a strategy and asking questions, they become more comfortable and confident in their efforts to influence others. They may tap into their innate strength in Engaged Listening to build rapport and mutual understanding.”
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