5 for Friday: Winter Job Hunting Edition

5 for Friday: Winter Job Hunting EditionWith cold weather closing in and the darkness descending in the afternoon, it can be hard to stay motivated to work on your job search. Don’t let the season get to you, though. There are always opportunities out there, so it’s time to gather your strength and get back in the game.

This week’s 5 for Friday brings you articles to help you chip away at the icy frustration that’s accumulated around your job search.

  • Career: There are Ways to Get Your Stalled Job Search Moving. Lexington Herald-Leader: “Believe it or not, many people get paralyzed by just mentioning the unemployment rate, talking about the economy being bad or discussing the number of jobs created last month. This point of view is looking at the glass being half empty and does impact your job search. Take a different approach by understanding that nearly 94 percent of Americans were employed in October, and new job postings go up daily.”
  • How to Conquer 3 Common Job Search Frustrations. U.S. News & World Report: “Imagine you’re trying to sell a new record today. You can’t just put up a sign in music stores and expect to reach all the listeners interested. Instead, you need to facilitate awareness through a more diversified strategy that includes media placements, touring and social engagement. The key to reaching all the hiring managers who may be interested in your candidacy is to take a similarly layered approach and not pigeonhole the search to a single source.”
  • 5 Reasons to Continue Job Searching During the Holidays. Georgia Public Broadcasting: “Because other job seekers have put their search on hold, this is the time to follow up with potential employers. This is also the time to polish your resume and contact potential employers.”
  • New Year, New Job Strategies, New Options. Huffington Post: “There are endless unknowns around the long-term effects of the Affordable Care Act which is making companies wary of how they structure their employment model. I don’t think it will reduce the rate at which companies hire as much as how they do it. Job seekers interested in working non-traditional jobs (whether related to time, place or duration) will have more doors opened by companies looking for different ways to employ. This will allow companies to fill their ranks, and offer more broad-minded professionals a chance to work.”
  • Why is December a Prime Time to Search for a Job?. Recruitment Revolution: “Avoid the temptation to stop checking your emails and contacting companies you are interested in working for. During December employers may look over their budget and find they have additional funds to spend on staff. Be vigilant so that you avoid missing out on these opportunities.”
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