5 for Friday: Behavioral Interview Questions Edition

If you’re on the hunt for a new job, you may still encounter traditional interview questions such as “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” But more human resources professionals and hiring managers are asking behavioral interview questions to gauge how a prospective hire would react to common situations on the job by looking at how they’ve reacted to similar situations in the past.

This week’s 5 for Friday has articles geared at helping you understand behavioral interview questions and prepare for the kinds questions you may be expected to answer on your next job interview.

  • A Sample of Behavioral Questions and Answers in a Job Interview. Everyday Life: “Behavioral interviews represent one of the most challenging formats that a job seeker ever encounters, because you’re not being asked to give simple yes or no answers. Instead, the hiring manager will probe your attitudes toward aspects of the job, such as how well you work with others, based on scenarios that he raises.”
  • Behavior-based Interview Questions Are Becoming the Trend. Eric Jacobson on Management Blog: “Many Human Resource (HR) managers have moved away from questions like ‘What’s your weakness?’ and prefer behavior-based questions, which ask you to: describe how you handled specific situations at your former jobs.”
  • The Telltale Signs of a Behavioral Job Interview Question. AGC of America: “If, for example, you saved the company money by streamlining a process, and you relate the experience to the interviewer, she will become interested because there is a strong possibility that you could save this company money too. If, on the other hand, you did something negative, like fighting with your co-workers, the interviewer will be concerned that your behavior pattern will repeat itself in a new position.”
  • 45 Common Behavioral Interview Questions. EzineArticles: “It has become a common practice for recruiters and hiring managers to ask behavioral interview questions. Behavioral interview questions allow them to use a candidate’s past actions to predict their future behavior when facing certain issues/situations on the job.”
  • 20 Interview Questions for Recent College Graduates. hiredMYway: “Let’s face it, we don’t interview every day and it can really be an unnerving process, so the more you know the better. Here are 20 questions designed around behavior that some of the top HR people ask in the interview. Take the time to go through each question, first write out your response, read it, and ask yourself if your response makes sense. Get a friend or classmate, even your Mom to help you practice, and make sure they ask you the questions and practice your response. You want to treat this like a speech, and the more you are prepared with your material the more confident and attractive you will appear in the actual interview.”
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