Is finding a new job part of your New Year’s Resolution for 2014?

We’ve compiled these tips and tricks to help you Find Better next year.

The new year is just around the corner, and while many are scrambling to make plans for New Year’s Eve celebrations, others are already looking toward next year. For a lot of people, a new year means a new job (or at least the hunt for one).

So, Monster is here to help you Find Better in 2014. Whether you’re hunting for a job, thinking about making a move or you’re already in the interview process, the tips below can help you land that new gig.

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“I need a job!”

9 tips for writing a winning employment history
Hiring managers have to sift through hundreds, sometimes thousands, of resumes. Make his or her life easier before you even meet.

Avoid the top 10 resume mistakes
Some are obvious (incorrect grammar), others aren’t (too much text). Here’s a checklist to help you prevent frustrating resume mistakes from making it onto your final draft.

8 tips for better email cover letters
An emailed cover letter can serve as a first impression. Be sure to make the best one you can.

Show your experience on your resume the right way
Honesty, accomplishments and good formatting.

10 cover letter don’ts
Is your cover letter too long? Did you include your top selling points? Does it look too much like your resume? And seven more things to avoid.

5 skills job seekers need
When mistake-free resumes and follow-up emails aren’t enough.

Check here for a full page of resume and cover letter tips.

“I think I want to change my job”

Thinking about a job change?
Consider these factors before making a move.

Is changing fields right for you?
Changing jobs isn’t easy, changing fields is even more difficult. This 10-question quiz will hopefully help you determine if it’s time for you to try to break into a new industry.

The 10 worst mistakes career changers can make
Don’t be hasty or you may find you’ve made one of these 10 mistakes.

10 questions to ask before making an internal move
Hate your job, but love your employer? Ask yourself these 10 questions before you dive into making a move internally.

How to change jobs without changing employers
Here’s advice on navigating the road to an internal transfer once you’ve decided it’s time.

“OK … I’ve got that interview. Now what?”

Last-minute interview preparation
This prep list will help any time-strapped job candidate. (Yes, even if your interview is tomorrow at 8 a.m.)

Mastering the phone interview
Make a cheat sheet, have your resume in front of you and don’t wear your PJs!

6 interview answers employers need to hear
Would you fit the company culture? Do you have the necessary skills? Do you even want this job?

6 ways you need to sell yourself in every job interview
Not in sales? In front of an interviewer you’re in the business of selling yourself.

“I need to find work/life balance”

Do you have work/life balance?
Do you live to work or work to live?

How to get ahead while balancing work and family
Strike the right balance for your life and career.

Time management for entrepreneurs: Find a better work life balance
Life is work when you’re self-employed. Still, there are ways to put down the headset and close the laptop for at least a few hours (or maybe minutes).

Create the work/life balance that’s right for you
Tips for those who thrive on the 80-hour work week and for those who want to leave it mostly at the office.

7 Steps for leaving your work at home while on vacation
Work/Life police: “Please, sir, step away from the iPhone and enjoy the beach.”

Defend your right to a life outside of work
Setting boundaries, tweaking your technology and taking a lunch break every once in a while is actually OK.

“I’ll admit it. I need to hit the gym more”

Fit fitness into your workday
When your mind has to work all day sometimes your body doesn’t. 

5 ways to avoid overeating at work
Store-bought treats just seem to show up in the kitchen at work, don’t they?

How to eat better at work
Who put these 50-cent candy vending machines in this break room?

Is your job causing you to put on pounds?
Stress, snacking and a sedentary job can lead to some unwanted weight gain.

Desktop dining etiquette
Keep it clean, chew with your mouth closed and don’t eat in front of customers or clients.

“I want to volunteer this year”

Volunteer for your career
The many benefits to volunteerism…

Volunteering can boost skills, advance careers
including landing a new job!

5 ways volunteering can help you get a job
Open new networking avenues, learn on the job and just overall feel pretty darn good about yourself.

Volunteer yourself into a job
Be strategic and your once-voluntary gig could become a viable career.

“I need to build my network”

Make business relationships personal
It’s OK to blur those boundaries a bit.

Create a personal networking plan
Follow the networking roadmap and see where it takes you.

10 tips to improve the quality of your networking
Are you looking to make an impact or are you just “working the room?”

Don’t be a networking jerk
Don’t be a jerk at all!

13 networking mistakes
Preparedness is primary, dressing down is detrimental.

“I want to spend less money”

5 ways to cut your commuting costs
Check into employer transit discounts and incentives (and carpool with someone every once in a while).

Budget your bonus
Tips on saving, investing and — if you’re OK with what you have — giving it to charity.

How much should you save?
Figure out how much you can spare to save.

How to evaluate your company’s health insurance offerings
Navigating these benefits can be tricky, this guide breaks it into a few easy steps.

Get the most from your flexible spending account
Use it, don’t abuse it.

“I’d like to make friends with my co-workers”

Making friends at work: The key to career success?
Co-workers can sometimes be considered friends (and vice versa).

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