Majority of French workers feel they have a career, not just a job

Over half in the U.S. agree, while only 25 percent of Germans feel they are in a career.

Careers vs. Jobs

A large majority of workers in France feel they are entrenched in a career, according to the results of a recent Monster poll.

Monster, in partnership with global market research firm GfK, asked, “Do you view the work you do to be a career or just a job?”

More than 8,000 respondents from seven countries weighed in, with the French having the highest percentage (70 percent) of workers saying they are in a career. Canada had the second-most respondents say they are working in careers with 69 percent, and the United States was third with 57 percent saying they’re in a career.

Here’s the full list:

  1. France (70 percent)
  2. Canada (69 percent)
  3. US (57 percent)
  4. UK (43 percent)
  5. India (43 percent)
  6. Netherlands (38 percent)
  7. Germany (25 percent)

In the United States, younger workers were the least likely to consider themselves in careers. Sixty-two percent of U.S. respondents aged 18 to 35 stated they considered their employment just a job.

The poll also showed a perfect correlation with U.S. workers’ income influencing their response. Eighty-two percent of top U.S. earners in the poll consider their employment a career. While only 33 percent of those in the lowest income bracket consider their employment a career.

“Whether someone sees themselves as having a career or ‘just a job,’ their work life can have a big impact on overall happiness. With the start of a new year, we may see a renewed effort by Americans to pursue a position they find rewarding and enjoyable,” said Joanie Courtney, employment industry advisor and senior vice president at Monster.

In the United States, the data was collected using dual-frame telephone methodology, to maximize participation and representativeness of respondents, including younger and older adults as well as landline and cell phones. The total sample size for this study in the United States was 1,007.

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