10 ways in which playing football is not like your job.

Sometimes sports analogies just don’t translate to real life.

There are plenty of good sports/life analogies, but sometimes it just doesn’t translate. Here are 10 ways in which football is not like the workplace:

You shouldn’t spike your headset in anger.

Headphone spiked

PowerPoint doesn’t exist in the locker room.

PowerPoint endzones

Nobody wants your autograph (except the office manager and HR).


There’s no equipment manager to hand your rumpled suit to at the end of the week.

Dry Cleaning Rack

By Simon Law

The equipment rooms are entirely different.


The buzzwords are different too.


Football players don’t get paid for overtime (but they probably don’t need it either).

workplace stress

If you step out of bounds, you might be fired.


People aren’t paying $125 a ticket to watch you code.


The salaries.

Stack of Money

But there is one way it’s the same: Everyone’s watching the clock.



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